Security forces

SURVISION provides local or national, civil or military Security Forces with vehicle identification and tracking solutions through their integrators. This enables them to be much more efficient in their crime-fighting missions (on the spot arrests and judicial enquiries) and of traffic lane monitoring (prosecution).

Embedded identification on board security vehicles


The equipping of security force vehicles with a system of vehicle detection through number plate recognition involves particular limits and issues. In terms of limits, the embedded environment requires that the components be as small and robust as possible. In terms of opportunities, the equipping of a vehicle allows the team to monitor as many vehicles in a day that could be monitored by three agents in a year, in other words, productivity is multiplied by 100.

is able to provide integrators (car-body manufacturers, automobile integrators, integrators in the area of Public Safety) with the components which enable them to construct a complete embedded solution for the requirements of the federal or local security forces.

Whether in the lightbars, in the vehicle cab interior or hidden in the vehicle structure, SURVISION offers optoelectronic components (cameras, illumination, processing and power supply cards...), specifically designed for embedded solutions and thus allowing for vehicle identification functions through number plate recognition.

Roadside identification


The identification of vehicles from the roadside is very useful, especially for occasional and local campaigns against crime and traffic offenses.

This type of application requires equipment which is easily and rapidly deployable on the roadside and which are autonomous in energy. This equipment should also allow for local storage of data and/or real-time remote radio transmission of this data.

Permanent equipment on road or motorway portions


Certain road or motorway zones have particular significance for the needs of judicial enquiries. Either there is such a concentration of traffic that a few cameras are enough to monitor some thousands of vehicles per day, or they are located near sensitive sites (border areas, nuclear power plants, SEVESO sites, etc).

For the requirements of this type of site, SURVISION has designed particularly discrete cameras which can be integrated to the existing structures (gantries, lamposts for the needs of federal or local security forces or border police).