• AUTOFOCUS.serveur :
    Windows (Win10 ou Win server and above)
  • AUTOFOCUS.client :
    Windows (Win10 ou Win server and above)


  • Dimensions (mm) and weight:
    210 (L) X 170 (D) X 53 (H), 1.8Kg
  • Power supply:
    AC-DC 80W adaptor
  • Processor / Memory :
    Intel ATOM D2550 1.86GHz / 2GB DDR3
  • Hard disk:
    SATA 2.5HDD 64Gb
  • Network connections:
    3 GbE ports
  • Other connections:
    4 serial ports, 6 USB, 4 I/O, 1 socket 3G
  • Functioning temperature:
    0°C - 45°C


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AUTOFOCUS is a software tool for the processing of vehicle analysis data produced by the SURVISION cameras. It has multiple functions and it is adapted to a wide range of application contexts.
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  • AUTOFOCUS is composed of a database, the AUTOFOCUS.serveur which processes vehicle analysis data and the AUTOFOCUS.client graphic interface for the parametring of AUTOFOCUS.server and the consultation of functioning information.
  • Some one hundred cameras can be connected to AUTOFOCUS.serveur.
  • Several AUTOFOCUS.client can be connected at the same time to the AUTOFOCUS.serveur.
  • The system elements communicate by IP network.
  • In order to ensure data security and conformity to the requirements of the CNIL (French data protection legislation), some data is protected and the number plates may be concealed on the images.

Architecture AUTOFOCUS

Advantages in different application contexts

  • Road traffic monitoring: decrease in motorway fraud, securing of tunnels, possibility to analyse journey times
  • Public security: finding of stolen or wanted vehicles in the context of judicial enquiries
  • Local authorities: possibility of traffic monitoring and measuring
  • Access control: securing and improving the fluidity of the access to high-risk sites and private car-parks, reduction of costs and management problems in comparison to badge-managed accesss

Main functions


Alerte véhicule recherché

A solution which can be modulated as required

  • AUTOFOCUS.serveur and AUTOFOCUS.client: installed on a machine provided by SURVISION or delivered in the form of an installation programme
  • Autofocus.client license as an additional option
  • Choice of modules according to the required functions