Examples of software developed by SURVISION


. Management of public car-parks using number plate recognition for a European equipment manufacturer, with information gathering on car-park entry and exit, in order to detect fraud and vehicle theft


. Stolen vehicle alert-creation system, on the basis of a pool of 350 cameras deployed in Latin America


. Subscriber management for a motorway management company

Software development

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SURVISION can offer its integrator customers a software development service.

This service complements the purchase of cameras and the aim is to assist an integrator who at a given moment lacks the required resources or skills, or who wishes to take advantage of the experience of SURVISON in order to best fulfil the needs of his end customer.
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Service description

  • Cost estimation meeting in order to evaluate the amount of technical work to be carried out
  • Drawing up of the technical and functional requirements in concertation with the client
  • Definition of the planning and in particular of the delivery date
  • Acceptation of the requirements by the client
  • Acceptation of the quotation
  •  Development, depending on the CDK
  • Validation tests
  • Delivery
  • Validation of the system, jointly with the client
  • Management of abnormalities during the warranty period
  • Transfer of ownership (where applicable)

Technical skills of the SURVISION developer team

  • Databases: PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Programming languages: C/C++, Java, PHP.
  • IDE: Visual C++, NetBeans.
  • Application types: heavy client-server-database, light client-web server-database, web-services- databases, customer "stand-alone"-database. Web-services.
  • Web application servers: Tomcat, GlassFish.

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