• Unlimited access to on and off line support
  • Delivery of a Qualified Installer Certificate
  • Addition to the list of Qualified Installers
  • Transfer of leads by SURVISION
  • Free provision of the entire SURVISION_TOOLS software suite
  • Access to MySURVISION

Activity declaration registered with the number 11 92 19665 92. This registration does not imply official approval of the French government.

After-sales training

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SURVISION provides its prospective customers and customers (Installers and Integrators) with after-sales training intended to provide information, documentation, software tools and skills which allow them to deploy the SURVISION solutions with maximum efficacy.

This training is part of the SURVISION Partnership Program for its value-added resellers.
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Short description of the training

  • Duration: one day
  • Location: Paris or the customer premises
  • Languages: English, French, Spanish
  •  Maximum number of participants per session: 5
  • Required conditions: portable PC and admin account of this machine
  •  Target group: installation, technical support and maintenance personnel


Training program

  • Presentation of SURVISION and of its technologies
  • Presentation of the range of cameras, applications and services
  • Presentation of the SURVISION_TOOLS
  • Installation of cameras (choice of deployment and installation location)
  • Camera settings adjustment
  • Performance measuring and PVT
  • Camera updating and maintenance
  • MySURVISION, software, management of camera pool and of breakdowns
  • Training on CST (Camera Supervision Tool)