RMA procedure

Faulty sensors should be returned to SURVISION (address below) without any need to ask for an RMA return number.

Each sensor returned to SURVISION must be declared on the My Survision website.

Please make a screenshot of the declaration and print it and attach it to the parcel.

Important: no support will be provided for non-declared equipment returned.

Only use appropriate packaging suitable for the transport of optoelectronic equipment.

On request SURVISION can provide special packaging designed to ensure the protection of sensors during transport.

RMA returns
25 boulevard des Bouvets
92000 Nanterre – France


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SURVISION offers its customers (Distributors, Installers, Integrators) corrective and progressive maintenance services which enable them to guarantee both maximum operating life and maximum use for their equipment.

These services are provided at second level. SURVISION does not offer first level support including interventions on restricted-access sites.

Contact us for more information

Short description of the service

SURVISION can offer services of corrective (correction of breakdowns and anomalies) and progressive (provision of improvements) maintenance for its cameras, servers and applications.

These services are ensured by the payment of an annual fee, the amount of which depends on the value of the equipment and software provided. The corrective hardware maintenance is however provided free of charge for one year starting from the delivery of the equipment.

Advantages of the service

  • Management of the maintenance by means of the MySURVISION website
  • Maintenance of performance requirements on time
  • MTBF (Mean time between failure) increased to a maximum
  • Maximum Maintenance in Operational Condition (MCO) and profitability
  • Maximum equipment operating life

Content of the service

  • The corrective hardware maintenance includes the replacement of parts, labour costs, and the return shipping charges for out of order equipment, due to equipment breakdown
  • The corrective firmware maintenance includes the correction of all technical or functional anomalies of the camera firmware of the cameras, excluding performance issues
  • The corrective software maintenance comprises the correction of all technical or functional anomalies of the applications provided
  • The progressive firmware maintenance comprises the provision of new versions of the camera firmware once or twice annually
  • The progressive software maintenance includes the provision of new versions of SURVISION applications once or twice annually