Mise en service


  • Advice on the basis of maps and photos
  • Establishment of deployment location
  • Network and power supply specifications


  • Verification of the physical installation
  • Verification of the water tightness
  • Adjustment of the camera aim/framing
  • Drawing up of the counting data


  • Installation, settings adjustment, maintenance
  • Awarding of a training certificate
  • Application user training


  • Camera fixed to its support fixture
  • 12V or 24V power supply in place
  • IP connection in place


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SURVISION can undertake the installation and commissioning of cameras. In this way, the site managers can benefit from having perfectly installed, adjusted and configured equipment, and from training on the use of SURVISION applications.

These services ensure that the installation is optimal, in terms of performance and life span.
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Service description

  • Consulting services on site or remotely prior to the installation to ensure the best possible choice of camera deployment location.
  • Account taken of client-specific safety procedures.
  • A Camera Installation Tutorial has been made available to all customers. It is essential to respect the principles described in order to attain an optimal performance level.
  • Verification and approval of the physical installation, and of network and power supply.
  • Camera settings adjustment and configuration service.
  • Transfer of expertise to installation and maintenance personnel ensured.



Application contexts

The SURVISION commissioning services can be carried out in the most varied of environments :

  • Public and private car-park access control,
  • Tolls and motorways,
  • Applications of public safety,
  • Monitoring of urban and peri-urban zones.


  • Optimal camera performance
  • Optimal camera lifespan
  • Transfer of installation expertise
  • Transfer of maintenance expertise
  • Counting data on MySurvision
  • Free remote support provided for one year