Licence plate recognition (NANOPAK ANPR)

 • Recognition distance:

2-8m/6-26 ft

 • Coverage width:

4 metres/13 ft

 • Compatible for all licence plate formats

 • Speed range covered: from 0 to 30 km/h 20 mph


Plate Fingerprint (NANOPAK ANPR-PF)

 • Plate analysis using points of interest technology

 • Higher matching rate


Video Features

 • HD Camera:

8 Megapixels

 • Image analysis:

60 images/second

 • Illumination:

IR 850nm

 • Compression:


 • Setting adjustments:

Bitrate, frequency, zoom


Electronic Features

 •  Internal memory:

Up to 1,000,000 plates on the white list and up to 1,000 logs memorized (JPEG included)

 • Communication bus:

Ethernet TCP-IP V4-V6, IO out relay

 • For the output:

Maximum switching voltage 250VAC/220VDC maximum power supply of 2 Amp

 • For the input:

Maximum voltage 30V maximum power supply of 0.5 Amp

 • Power supply—Consumption:

24VDC - 12W (Cable 1m supplied)

 • Homologation:

EMC EN 55022, photobiological safety IEC62471, CE, FCC Part 15, CB, IEC 61 000 - 4

 • MTBF:

56,000 hours minimum

 • Autonomous trigger via video or external software trigger

Mechanical Features

 • Connectors:

RJ45 + Molex Mini Fit Jr

 • Temperature:

-20° - +55°C/-4° to +131°F when in use

 • Casing:

Grey Aluminium

 • Dimensions - Weight:

67 (L) x 78 (W) x 116(H) mm - 450 g/2.99 (L) x 3.07 (W) x 4.57(H)' - 1 lbs


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Easy to install and use, the NANOPAK is the most compact and the lightest of the SURVISION licence plate camera range, while remaining a turnkey product (illumination, filming and integrated processing).
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  • The licence plate recognition takes place entirely inside the camera.
  • The camera automatically adjusts its filming and lighting parameters in order to provide an optimal performance regardless of conditions.
  • The camera settings can be adjusted remotely.
  • The data gathered is transmitted by the camera on the Ethernet network.
  • The trigger occurs in an autonomous way through video analysis or through a software application, for example, connected to a ground loop.
  • A real time video stream in H264 format as well as additional data (traffic direction, passing speed, reliability rate) is also provided.
  • The Plate Fingerprint (PF) function can be associated with this sensor to achieve a higher matching rate.

Different versions

The NANOPAK is available in the following versions:



The NANOPAK was designed for environments subject to particular space and/or weight restrictions, it is particularly light and compact nature of the NANOPAK means that it is mainly deployed for the following:

  • Car-park access control, notably through integration in the barriers or in the NANOPAK TOTEM
  • Embedded detection of wanted vehicles
  • Embedded prosecution procedures


  • Barrier column integration system/NANOPAK TOTEM
  • Colour optical head
  • White light illumination
  • Cable for all-or-nothing relay
  • Suction cup on glass

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