Licence plate recognition

• Recognition distance:
2 - 12 metres (adjustable zoom)
• Coverage width:
up to 3 metres
• Compatible for all licence plate formats
• Day/night functioning

Video features

• Frequency:
50 images/second
• Illumination:
IR 850nm pulsated
• Video stream or image:
• Settings adjustments:
bitrate, GOP, frequency

Electronic features

• Communication bus:
Ethernet 100Mbit/s TCP-IP, IPV4
• Power supply - Consumption:
12/24VDC - 24W (1m cable supplied) - Power Over Ethernet for 12V
• Homologation/Certication:
EMC EN 55022,
photobiological safety IEC62471
56,000 hours minimum

Mechanical features

• Internal temperature:
0°C to +55°C
• Casing:
Black Aluminium
• Dimensions (mm)—Weight :
67 (L) x 78 (W) x 116 (H) - 0,640kg
• Suction cup on glass


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Easy to transport, configure and use, the PICOPAK is the most compact and the lightest of the SURVISION camera range, while remaining a turn-key product offering optimal performances.

The PICOPAK was designed for mobile ANPR applications subject to space restrictions and requiring particular ease of deployment.
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  • The license plate recognition is carried out entirely inside the sensor.
  • The sensor automatically adjusts its filming and lighting parameters in order to provide an optimal performance regardless of conditions, whether moving or stationary.
  • The data collected is transmitted from the camera to the processing unit (tablet, PC, ...) via an IP cable.
  • A real-time video or image stream in MPEG or JPEG format, as well as additional data (country of origin, reliability rate) is also provided.


The particularly light and compact nature of the PICOPAK means that it is mainly deployed for the following:

  • Monitoring of on-street parking: paying or obstructive and
    dangerous parking
  • Embedded detection of wanted and monitored vehicles
  • Embedded prosecution procedures
  • Embedded detection of uninsured vehicles
  • Embedded detection of vehicle technical inspection status



• Internal temperature: 0°C to +55°C
• Casing: Black Aluminium
• Dimensions (mm)-Weight