• Video recording and recording of both number and dangerous goods plates
  • Delayed start time
  • Programming of recording cycles
  • Automatic stop of recordings depending on the recording length or the number of plates read
  • Transmission by FTP


  • Analysis of recordings
  • Generation of performance statistics
  • Statistics report in HTML format
  • Export of recognition results (CSV, JPEG forms)
  • Export of the video (AVI)
  • Automatic construction of confusion matrices
  • Assistance in parametring the threshold (confidence level) from which the data are reviewed by an operator for free-flow applications


  •  Windows (XP and above)


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PVT is a software tool for measuring the performances of SURVISION cameras.
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Record the vehicle identification data and the video with PVTRecorder...

  • Installation in a few clicks.
  • Connection to the cameras by IP network.
  • No database: each recording is carried out in a PVT file which includes the video, the number plates and the dangerous goods and the associated meta data.
  • Delayed start time.
  • Programming of the recording cycle.
  • Automatic stopping of recordings depending on the recording length or the number of plates read.
  • Automatic transmission of files on a FTP server.
  • Very light application.
  • Simple and intuitive interface.
Architecture PVTRecorder


...then analyse the recordings and generate performance statistics with PVT Player...

  • Rapid analysis: the video is played and stops at the plate readings. A simple click on a button validates the accuracy of the recognition, or possibly correct the plate. If the plate wasn't read, it is possible to declare it and to input the reason of the non-recognition (concealed or damaged plate,...).
  • Automatic generation of performance statistics (reading rate, recognition rate) on a group of recordings.
  • Export of the statistics report in HTML format.
  • Export of the reading data in CSV format, consolidating several recordings.
  • Export of the JPEG form indicating for each plate: its number, whether it was correctly read, its image.

...and take advantage of PVT Player's powerful complementary functions

  • Export of the video in AVI format.
  • Thanks to the TEST&VALIDATION methodology developed by SURVISION, demonstration of performances to end customers allowing for better project management.
  • Objective and relavant demonstration also of non-read plates (thanks to the video recording).
  • Automatic construction of the confusion matrix making it possible to adapt, when in operation, the criteria of comparaison to a database (Black or White List).
  • Automatic construction of the matrix making it possible to fix the reliability rate depending on the operational targets in terms of automatic or manuel processing.