Support technique


A good performance can only be achieved with plates which are:
  • Clean and in good condition
  • Conform with the regulation
  • With a standard syntax and typeface

The performance will not be so good on:
  • Rear plates (because disruptive elements may be present)
  • Plates displayed on two linges
  • Motorbike plates (because of the small character size used on these plates)
  • The plates of certain countries which present syntax, colour or graphical characteristics which limit the performance

The recognition performance can therefore never reach 100%.

Technical support

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SURVISION offers its clients (Distributors, Installers, Integrators) technical support for its products and software applications.

This assistance concerne the use of all SURVISION software and sensors as well as all the problems (bugs, anomalies,...)  encountered during use.

Contact us for more information

Description of the service

The SURVISION clients have one year of free technical support starting from the date of purchase of the SURVISION product. This free assistance may be continued in the context of a maintenance contract signed between the client and SURVISION.

Assistance requests are carried out remotely using the form on our homepage. If a piece of SURVISION equipment needs to be returned to our maintenance, team, please follow the RMA procedure detailed on MySURVISION.

Days and times of opening

The Technical Support service is available from Monday to Friday from 9h to 12h30 and from 14h to 17h30.

If the request cannot be handled immediately, SURVISION engages to treat it in the 48 hours following reception of the form.


A Camera Installation Tutorial is available for all clients. It is essential to respect the principles described to have an optimal level of performance.

The tools for image capture, the focusing and setting adjustment of the cameras are the SUT, the PVT and the VSS. They are available on MySURVISION in the TOOLs section of the software tab.

The SUT is a tool for updating the firmware and changing the SURVISION sensors' parameters.

The PVT is a performance measurement tool for the SURVISION cameras.

The VSS is a parametring tool for the SURVISION cameras.

Their user guides are available in the "Documents" tab on the MySURVISION extranet.