• Recording of the number plates and associated metadata (CSV) as well as images of the plates (JPEG)
  • Option of automatic starting of the recording on application start-up
  • Search among the recordings using filters
  • Back-up of the search result
  • Visualisation of all recognition data in real time
  • Saving of dangerous goods plates



  •  Windows (XP and higher)


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VISILOG is a software tool for the recording and consultation of number plates read by the SURVISION cameras.
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Easily record the number plate readings...

  • Installation just takes a few clicks.
  • No database: the recordings are carried out in the form of CSV files (for the matriculation numbers and associated metadata) and JPEG (for the number plate images).
  • Connection to cameras through an IP network.
  • Very light application.
  • Simple et intuitive interface.


Onglet 2 VISILOG among the recordings...

Some search filtres:
  • plate number (even partial)
  • time and date
  • cameras
  • nationalities
  • recognition reliability rate

It is also possible to save the search result in CSV formats (for the matriculation numbers and associated meta data) and JPEG (for the number plate images).

...and generate statistics with the software tool of your choice

The files containing number plate readings and the associated metadata can be processed with the software tool of your choice in order to generate statistics, for example:
  • origin-destination surveys.
  • density of traffic flow per place, date and time.
  • representation rates of different countries in the traffic flows.
  • representation rates of different French departments in the traffic flows.
  • frequency of passing of plates depending on the place.
  • places, dates and times of passing of wanted plates.