• Editing of the list of plates
  • Simultaneous loading of the list of plates onto the entire camera pool 
  • Import and export of the list of plates (text file)
  • Parametring of the tolerance to partially illegible plates
  • "Open for every plate read" mode



  •  Windows (XP and higher)


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WLP is a parametring tool for the access control function embedded in the SURVISION cameras.
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  • WPL is connected by IP network to all of the cameras of the pool and it enables them to recieve the list of authorised plates.
  • The cameras can be parametered so that they apply a recognition tolerance (expressed in number of characters) which makes it posible to manage the partially illegible plates (dirt, damage, snow).
  • An "Open for every plate read" mode can be activated.
  • After the parametering has been carried out with WLP, each camera is autonomous and sends a opening order signal to the barrier connected to it, as soon as an authorised plate is recognised.

Advantages of access control through number plate recognition

  • Securing: only vehicles with an authorised number plate can go through the barriers.
  • Greater fluidity of access to sites: barrier opens as soon as an authorised plate is recognised.
  • Reduction of costs and of management problems in comparaison with badge-managed access.

Architecture WLP

Easy to use

  • No server: very low running costs.
  • No external database: installation and maintenance are reduced to a minimum.
  • No permanent IP connection required: the barrier still opens when the network is down.
Capture d'ecran de WLP